Future Links July 21th 2014

Today our daily news collection from the printing industry deals with a new growth phase for metal printing, regulations on food labelling, sustainable green print, printed batteries, new UV-cured ink, print on 3D objects, the Indian packaging industry, digital inkjet for industrial printing, a foldable 3D printer and DS Smith acquiring an Italian recycling company.

New growth phase for metal printing
According to this article, organic growth in the global 3D printing industry is taking place primarily in the metal additive manufacturing sector. This claim is supported by Arcam’s financial report.
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New regulations on food labelling
Due to new EU regulations on food allergen labelling following 13th December 2014, all European food and drink manufacturers are required to adapt their labeling. They demand for example a minimum font size for mandatory information.
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More food regulations
India as well is soon introducing new rules on the labeling of food products. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India will soon publish the final draft that requires even the salt, sugar and transfat content to be prominently mentioned.
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Sustainable Green Print
Tomorrow and on Thursday, the Printing Industries Association of Australia is hosting a new round of Sustainable Green Print courses designed for printing companies wanting to achieve certification by the end of the year. You can still register for it.
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Printed batteries
The Californian startup Imprint Energy has been testing flexible batteries that can be printed cheaply on industrial screen printers. They hope to sell them to manufacturers of wearable electronics, medical devices, smart labels, and environmental sensors.
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New UV-cured ink
Fujifilm has introduced a new thermo forming UV-cured inkjet ink for light industrial applications. The new formulation is supposed to maintains high quality and vivid colors with no compromise to the print speed.
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Print on 3D objects
Although you can more and more easily print 3D objects these days, there are still many three dimensional products that need to be decorated in some way and therefore have to be printed onto. This process is a real challenge, no matter what printing technology is used.
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Indian packaging industry
In this interview based on an e-mail interaction, Rajesh Nath, managing director from the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), shares his views on the packaging machinery industry in India and its challenges.
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Digital inkjet for industrial printing
There are still many printed materials that don’t fall into what we consider commercial printing but aren’t yet strictly functional printing. This blog article takes a look at the process of so-called industrial printing.
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Foldable 3D printer
So far, 3D printers are mostly large, bulky machines that are meant to stay in one place. The company Portabee tried to change this and invented a 3D printer that can be folded up.
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DS Smith acquires Italian recycling company
DS Smith has fully bought Italian recycling firm Italmaceri. They had already acquired 50 % of the company in 2012.
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